senior living residence in Seattle and the Puget Sound

All About Seniors - Four Puget Sound residences to choose from

Our comfortable, safe and welcoming homes provide the optimal living quarters for those seniors who might find living alone a bit challenging, but still wish to retain a degree of independence in their lives.

We set a high standard for food quality, safety, comfort and healthy living at all four residences in the North Seattle area. Compare these qualities to what's available elsewhere, and you'll see why we have a waiting list:

  1. Quiet setting: Before we ever selected any of our residences, we first checked out the neighborhood. Quietness, safety and accessibility is always a requirement.
  2. Two people on staff: There are always two professional and dedicated staff available. Whether it's a snack at 2am or a medical emergency, every resident can know that they are taken care of 24x7.
  3. English speaking: Every one of our staff must speak fluent English. Sometimes they are multi-lingual, but excellent English -- and communication skills in general -- are required before they are hired.
  4. Activities: Regular activities, including outdoor trips, bingo, games, exercising, and fun!
  5. Nurse on staff. Sometimes, having a nurse to check your blood pressure, administer medications, and deal with unexpected emergencies
  6. Background checks: All of our staff are paid employees. Before each is hired, we do a full background check so we know we get the most trusted staff looking after you.
  7. Regular doctor visits: we don't wait for an emergency. Each residence receives regular doctor visits, providing checkups, prescription renewals and maintenace at each resident's discretion and preference.
  8. Home cooking: We cook everything from scratch. We even grow some of our own vegetables on location. In fact, residents can, if they wish, get involved in the gardening!
  9. Pet therapy: Coming soon.
  10. Music therapy: - visiting musicians, live music, visits to local events sucha as carol singing, choir performance, seasonal events.
  11. Modern, updated appliances: All outlets, plugs, wiring, equipment, fixtures and fittings are kept in top condition. If it can't be perfectly repaired, it is replaced.
  12. Wifi and Skype: Everyone has access to fast wifi and can schedule a Skype call to anywhere. just give us a little notice and we'll get you Skype call working for you. Each resident can ofcourse use their own phone, table or other communication equipment, but we also provide computers with Internet access to everyone.
  13. Activity van: Activities and seasonal outings (e.g. Christmas plays, Arboretum).