Administrative and Caregiver positions available! Call us today at 206-697-5557

Are your a retired registered nurse and would like a new, part or full time position that takes advantage of your skills and experience? Or perhaps you are just starting out in the care-giving profession and would like to join a team of care-giving professionals. We might be just the place you've been looking for!

We have recently opened our fourth residence, and are frequently looking for excited, energized individuals with the right experience to join our team. Why not submit your resume here! We might be the perfect match for what you're looking for.

All four of our residences are in the Seattle-Shoreline neighborhood. We pride ourselves on the quality of care given to our residents, and in turn, we take great care of every member of our team. Motivated employees have a real chance to take more responsibility, and develop their career, or simply enjoy a pace that's a lot slower than at a hospital, yet rewarding as every care-giving position can be.

All information you provide to us is kept private, and will not be shared with anyone without your express permission.

We hope to hear from you soon!