Our Latest Adult Family Home Residence in Shoreline, WA

It's taken a lot of picky selection and preparation, but we've signed all the papers and are on track to open our fourth and likely final Adult Family Home in February 2016. It's only weeks away now, and we're very excited to open the doors finally to our new residents.

Here's where the property is located: 1443 NW 188th St, Shoreline, WA 98177

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Weathering the Winter Blues at an Adult Family Home

We know that days and weeks of rain — and it sometimes feels endless in the Pacific Northwest — can darken the mood of any of us, but it can be compounded when experienced by the elderly. With health issues and other challenges of aging, many seniors need a bit of a helping hand to get through one of our typical winters.

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Coming in February of 2016 - New Residence in Shoreline

Our plans to add a fourth and final property to our list of residences are in the works. We'll publish the location soon, but for now, let me tell you what you can expect.

This fourth residence is situated on a quiet street in Shoreline. Directly across to street from a swim club and an expansive field for horses to ride, it is very quiet at night.

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Preparing to move into an Adult Family Home in the Seattle area

For most of us, we move our place of residence several times during our lifetime. As kids, we might move when our parents or guardians buy a new house, or move to a new country altogether. Military families are familiar with this. Sometimes they move every few years. For others, a move from parents' home to own home is the only move they ever make. And for a tiny fraction of the population, living in a single dwelling their whole life — from the cradle to the grave — is a reality. For most of us, though, we have become accustomed to moving our place of abode when it makes sense.

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Moving from living with adult children to living in an adult family home

An Adult Family Home has a specific meaning in the state of Washington. By law, it is allowed to have two to six residents -- the maximum therefore being six -- which makes it a unique place to live, as well as the closest you'll find to actually living with your own family, or living in the house with your adult children.

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How does an Adult Family Home compare to a Retirement Community?

An Adult Family Home has several unique characteristics, making it stand apart from a typical retirement community. Let's look at the situation in Washington State:

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When is an Adult Family Home is the best option?

An Adult Family Home in the state of Washingtion has a specific meaning. Perhaps most important of all, is the number of residents it can have. The maximum number is six. This limit is there to make sure every resident gets personalized care and service, and that the establishment lives up to its true meaning of being a home, where a person can truly feel at home and cared for.

When is an Adult Family home the best option?

When your loved one is reasonably mobile, but does need that extra care and service you can no longer easily provide.

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What to Look For in an Adult Family Home in the Seattle / Puget Sound Area.

Expert Medications Management

As we age, we get less capable of managing our own medications. Our residents never have the worry of wondering did they take one or other medication that day. Whichever Adult Family Home you andyour loved one chooses, enure they have a well-managed medications routine.

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