Questions to ask at an Adult Family Home in Seattle before selecting one

Before we dig into the actual questions, remember that there’s nothing like a physical visit to an Adult Family Home to find out what it's like. Moreover, some Adult Family Homes have multiple residences, so make sure you visit the one you are considering for yourself or your loved one. Make sure you meet the staff who will be taking care of your mother or father. Those people might be the single most important consideration in choosing an Adult Family Home.

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How does a Nursing Home compare with a typical Adult Family Home in the Seattle area?

Nursing homes have, through the ages, been a popular institution to move to, and for a number of reasons, but an Adult Family Home is definitely more desirable for the resident on a day-to-day living basis. Let’s look at some of the biggest differences.

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When is the right time to consider moving your senior parent into an Adult Family Home in Northgate?

There are many considerations, but some are definitely more important than others. When I think about my own aging mother, I know what’s important to me:

Wait until you find the ideal home

At the top of my list, I know I would very much prefer to keep my mother under my own roof until I find what I consider to be the ideal Adult Family Home for her. It might mean getting some help during the day when I am at work, but moving into a less-than-ideal home for her could be disastrous.

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Will dementia prevent my father from living in an Adult Family Home in Shoreline?

Dementia covers quite a range of conditions, of course, and every person considering living in an Adult Family Home is unique, but there are commonalities that can be addressed easily.

Firstly, any Adult Family Home worth its salt will support residents who have some degree of dementia. That’s one of the central values of living in an Adult Family Home. It should be physically safe and secure, but it must also have caring, trained staff who know and are patient with residents who have dementia.

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How is memory care given in a home designed for senior living? (I live in Kirkland)

What is ‘Memory Care’?

Many of us have had the experience of loving someone who was (or is now) having trouble remembering things. Almost everyone, as they age, will struggle to remember basic things like the name of that actor, or where they placed their car keys, but for some seniors, it goes beyond that, and they move into a territory that takes a special type of care.

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How does an adult family home compare with hiring at-home caregivers in the Kirkland area?

If you’ve had to hire any type of employee lately, you’ll understand why small businesses wait so long before they take the plunge and hire their very first employee. It’s a huge burden. Once you hire a real human being to work for you, you take on an enormous responsibility. And that’s not just in terms of what they cost in money every month – they may be well worth it – but there is liability down the road, if not immediately. And then there’s the whole risk around what if they don’t work out and you have to let them go.

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What is life like for senior living in a nursing home or Adult Family Home in Edmonds?

Every home is different, of course, so doing one’s homework before committing to a specific Adult Family Home in particular, is worth it. Some businesses have several AFHs under their management, but each will be different, and for a variety of reasons. The people, the location, the quality and size of the home, as well as location and proximity to loved ones all make each home unique.

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What to consider when choosing an Adult Family Home in the Shoreline area

Before we delve into specifics about what to look for, let's draw a few comparisons between what Washington State considers an Adult Family Home, a nursing home, and a retirement community.

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