How does an adult family home compare to hiring at-home caregivers in the Bothell area?

At-home caregiving, although it can be for a long time the best way to look after your loved one, eventually may become too much work for the adult children of a senior. Of course, we all want to keep our loved ones close, and for most of us, that means keeping them under our own roof, where we can see to their needs on a daily basis. After all, there’s no love like the love of family, and you’d be forgiven for believing that this the best way to go.

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Is life in a Nursing Home so different to that of an Adult Family Home?

The big difference between an Adult Family Home and a nursing home is the limit on the number of allowed residents. In the State of Washington, if a business wishes to operate as an Adult Family Home, it may only house a maximum of six residents. The reason for this is mostly to ensure a ‘family like’ setting, where the residents can become very well understood and close to the care giver staff. The reason the words ‘family home’ are included in the business description is a reflection on the hoped for nature of life at an Adult Family Home.

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What is life like for senior living in a nursing home or Adult Family Home in Bothell?

Probably the biggest difference between an Adult Family Home and a Nursing Home in Washington State is, one is personal, and the other is impersonal. What does that mean, I hear you ask! Well, one of the greatest characteristics of an Adult Family Home in Washington is that it may have a maximum of six residents.

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What to consider when choosing an Adult Family Home in the Bothell area

Choosing the right Adult Family Home for your loved one (or loved ones) takes preparation. What happens in reality is, however, a little more challenging because the availability of suitable residences might not coincide with the readiness of your loved one. Often, the time simply creeps by, and one day, it becomes a little urgent. Your loved one – and you, for different reasons perhaps – know that now is the right time for the Big Move.

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What should I bring with me when I move into an Adult Family or Nursing Home in the Shoreline area?

Everyone has their own preferences, but I have definitely seen some favorites when it comes to what people seem to want to have around them a little while after they have arrived to live indefinitely in an Adult Family Home. Pictures of family members, a handful of memories, and little else.

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What is the value of a "Wake Staff" in an Adult Family Home or nursing home in Seattle?

“Wake Staff” is a term commonly used in the Adult Family Home world that refers to staff who stay on premises overnight, not just during daytime hours. It usually also implies that there are caregiver staff on site round the clock, not just when it’s dark. And what makes this feature of an Adult Family Home most valuable is, it means your loved one is always just a few yards away from professional help in the event of any emergency.

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How can I adjust to putting my mother into an Adult Family Home or nursing home in Shoreline?

One of the biggest challenges grown children of aging parents face is when and how to move their beloved parent into a more suitable living situation than having them stay with them indefinitely. Most of that challenge comes from guilt, probably, and also the deep-seated unwillingness to let go of one phase of their life and move in the next. It all seems so sudden and final. Whatever the emotional reasoning around such a potential move of residence, there are some very good reasons you can focus on, and it will help you make the best decision.

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Is an Adult Family Home in the Shoreline area a safe place to live for a senior suffering from memory loss?

Over the past decades, crimes rates have dropped in the Puget Sound area, as well as across the country. But you’re probably meaning the question in terms of the health and safety issues than may arise for an elderly person living in a home, away from their loved ones, and at the mercy and quality of the caregivers who work to take care of them.

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